Caring For your Knit Headcover

Picture this: you've got this fabulous knit headcover, a true work of art, protecting your precious club from the elements. But hey, golf can get messy sometimes, and we understand that! It's like trying to keep a cotton candy cloud pristine amidst a cotton candy festival – a delightful challenge, indeed!

But hold on a second! We're all about embracing the essence of these beautiful products and enjoying them for all they're worth! Because let's face it, a knit headcover is more than just a cover; it's a magical accessory that adds pizzazz to your bag and keeps your clubs cozy and warm.

Here's our mantra: You don't slap a helmet on a unicorn; you let it unleash its majestic horn and shimmering mane, taking you on a whimsical ride through enchanted out-of-bounds forests and rainbow-laden fairways. 🦄✨

So, let those little covers dance, and the colors sing! Embrace the tiny flaws and in your headcover, because they're like little stories woven into the fabric of your adventures. Each imperfection adds character and uniqueness, making your headcover as one-of-a-kind as you are!

In saying all of this, however, caring for the headcovers is much easier than your unicorn! Treat it the same as you would for your treasured wool sweaters!

You may send them to the dry cleaners or hand wash the neck (sleeve) and head portion in room temperature water and Woolite.

DO NOT submerge the top treatment.

Stay Classy, Golfers.