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Why You Have to Feel Our New Polos

Get familiar with the Greenpoly®RPET difference

It’s easy to write off sustainability as a buzzword, but I guess that’s what happens when something becomes ubiquitous. At Left of Field Golf, seeking out sustainable solutions to how we make our clothing is at the core of what we do. And the ubiquity of earth-friendly practices is only a good thing, if you ask us.

It’s why we spent seven months sampling fabric when building our new on-course polos, the Clontarf and Nielsen, named after iconic beaches within Sydney Harbour. We landed on a recycled polyester you have to feel to believe. At first glance, these polos provide a classic cut and aesthetic—a silhouette we hope fits perfectly into golf’s traditional highlights and the game’s stylish present and future.

The beauty of these polos, though, lies in PET, the raw material used in the Greenpoly®RPET (produced by QueenTextile) that’s 100% made from recycled PET bottles. It’s a process that protects the environment and reduces pollution. Choosing this fabric was an easy choice for us. It has the same quality as a fabric derived from virgin material, all while saving water and reducing our carbon footprint in production.

LoFG is a modern golf label with modern views. We care heavily about the environment—it gives us joy as golfers to be able to spend our time in nature. As we continue to build the game’s best new apparel, we know we are stepping into an industry which is regarded as one of the biggest polluters on earth. But we don’t plan to follow the footsteps of the past. With new, innovative technologies and products, we’re in an exciting time to explore the latest sustainable products to ensure this brand leaves a minimal footprint.

Cheers to a sustainable and golf-filled future,

Nick Ilias


Left of Field Golf

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